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Alma Castillo RN

It was wonderful having you for a recruiter, I am  loving my job and everything that came with it:)  I promise to continue  being true to Canadian Travel Nurses, They will be one of the strongest  recommendations I can give to colleagues wishing to travel nurse.

It has been a great experience, and a pleasure working with you:)

Good luck and hope to hear from you in the future.

Tyler Johnston RN

I am really excited that I got to meet  with you this week.  You were the first person who actually made the  process of registration/working in the states clear and concise.
  Thanks for explaining everything to me.. and for the cookies!

Leif Christensen RN

I passed the Canadian RN’s.  I am extremely  thankful for this.  I also appreciate all of your help.  I do appreciate  your honesty.  I hope that you are being paid well by the hospital,  because you have been a great help to me.  I tell a lot of other nursing  kids my age about you and all the help that you have done for me.  I  can see myself working a lot more than two years there, especially after  how long it has taken to get there!

I will keep you posted…

Thanks for your help,  I will be in touch.

Jenn McKinnon RN

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you have  done for us.  We definitely couldn’t have done it without you. There  were definitely some unexpected bumps along the way but we got through  them gracefully lol.  

Thanks again for all you have done. You have definitely been a part of making one of my biggest dreams a reality.

I’ll be in touch,

Adrienne Stokes RN

I’ve been meaning to call you, it’s been very busy  since I’ve gotten here but so far I absolutely love it!  The area is  gorgeous and the hospital is great.  LW has been keeping me busy taking  me sight seeing around town.  I can’t believe how many Canadians there  are here...I met this girl who is training with me for L&D who I  never met before but we’re both from Sudbury, we both went to Laurentian  but she was a year ahead of me.  Small World!  My dog is loving all the  hikes since we live down the road from a state park.

Thanks for helping me get such a great job!  Life  is much easier and I can walk a lot lighter now that I don’t have as  many financial worries!


Emma Davis RN

There’s a lot to sort through but you’ve really simplified it...making it straight-forward.

Thank you so much.


Steph Peeters RN

Having CTN as a medium for information about both  the hospital and the area was vital to me believing that my position  would be a good fit with what I wanted. And the staff at the hospital  just love Canadian nurses.

Cherry Rapal RN

There’s a good balance between work and play.  I am having the time of my life here in California!

Andrea P. RN

My CTN recruiter kept me organized and had a list of all the documents I needed.  Everything went smoothly.

Marilyn Fortin RN

My recruiter had actually visited the area and fell in love with it.  It turned out to be everything she said it was.

Lindsay Winters RN

I have had a great experience here.  The hospital  has been awesome in advancing my nursing skills and there are endless  opportunities.  The pay is also great and there's always lots of OT in  my area.  I have had a wonderful time here and love the area.  I have  had the chance to pick up new hobbies, meet other great Canadian nurses  and travel soooo much around California. It's also great that you guys  (CTN) are always available to help us even when we're already here  (Thank you).  It has truly been a great 2 years here.

Roslyn Jamili RN

1.)  I am loving California.  I am in the process of applying for the NP program here.

I am adjusting to the job just great and am making  lots of friends here.  Let me know when you and your new husband come  here and we can meet for drinks.  I owe you one. 

2.)   Things here are great. Just started back  in the winter quarter and officially got accepted the graduate program!!  Very excited yet busy. I am learning so much. I am actually already  precepting new grads!!

I cannot believe it will be one year on  february 19th since I flew in. Just wanted to make sure you know I am  grateful for all your help in the past year. My new life is great and I  really look forward to the future as well!  I hope you and your husband  are well and hope to see or meet you one day in Cali. 

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