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Permanent Direct Hire and Temp Placements

Canadian RN Recruitment

At Canadian Travel Nurses we  specialize in helping hospitals find the quality Nurses and other health care professionals they need.  Whether you’re looking to fill a  permanent, new grad or temporary position we can draw on our pool of  experienced and new grad candidates to help  you find just the right  person.

As  a facility your primary concern is finding the highest quality RNs for  the positions you’re staffing.  You need to know that your outside  recruiter has the hands-on RN experience, to truly evaluate potential  candidates. Canadian Travel Nurses has  the  direct RN experience.  Our recruiters have been on the floor and  they draw on that experience in every step of the candidate evaluation.   Of all the RNs  in Canada, most have no plans of relocating. Of the  ones that do wish to relocate, many of them may not be of the quality  you would wish to hire.  It is our job to source and screen the quality  RNs who are looking  to relocate.  We recruit across Canada and employ thorough screening  techniques.  We can help you find the ‘right’ RNs to staff your  facility.

Why Choose Canadian Travel Nurses?
Because  we know the market.  We understand the challenges you’re up against and we know where to find the candidates you’re looking for.
Our president and founder, Amanda Wilkinson, MSN has experience as an RN in both Canada and the USA.  One who has worked in the field and knows US markets inside and  out.  Through her 25+ years of Canadian and US experience, Amanda has  developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of both major  teaching and small community facilities.  This gives her the skill set  to match each hospital with the right talent.  Her experience is further  enhanced by her background in business and over 20 years of proven  success in recruiting nurses for a wide range of countries and  organizations.
Because we are Canadian and we’re based in Canada,  we have a unique understanding of the distinct needs and desires of  Canadian Nurses. We attend job fairs and visit nursing schools in all  provinces to recruit the very best talent in the country.
If you’re ready to let a professional company who truly understands your environment help you fill your open positions, Canadian Travel Nurses is ready to put our expertise to work for you. 
We  believe this is a first class service at a reasonable and competitive  cost.  We ask hospitals and medical centers in the U.S.A., Canada and  abroad to consider our company if you are contemplating asking a  Canadian recruiting company to help you to recruit Canadian Registered Nurses.
Call us to set up a free assessment of your Canadian recruitment needs.

Your source for Canadian RNs

  • Full service recruitment of Canadian RN’s
  • Fill vacancies, reduce bed closures
  • Professionally recruited and screened RN’s
  • Immigration Assistance Provided
  • Licensing and credentialing assistance provided 
  • Hire Permanent placement RN’s to reduce Travel RN, per diem and OT expenditures
  • Utilize Temp RNs to cover short term needs or evaluate potential employee


Check out this video interview of Canadian Nurses placed at one of our California hospital clients and the HR Nurse Recruiter from that facility.