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Our Services for Registered Nurses

RN Job Placement Services


Everyone has their own  reason for seeking new employment and/or  relocating: Specialty training, New Grad training, spouse is  relocating, climate, desire to see new places, to live near the  beach...  We make it a top priority to connect you with the hospital and  community that will be the right fit for you, and that will provide you  with the experiences you are hoping for.

Nurse Resume Assistance


Your resume is the key to your  future.   This is the first impression that you will make with hiring  managers. They will decide within a few seconds if they are going to  interview you or not.  We help you maximize these few seconds.  We  assist you with the preparation of your resume and in creating a  competitive professional profile that gets you those interviews. 



We can offer suggestions on a variety of study methods and recommend options dependant on your individual needs.

U.S. State Licensing Assistance


Although  the exam is the same and you end up with a U.S. state RN license, each  state has different rules and regulations for application for a  license.  Some are much easier than others.  Some require that you write  more exams.  Let us guide you through this process and suggest which  state and method will be the most efficient for getting you your initial  license.  Applying through the wrong state could literally add a year  or more onto the process.

California RN Licensing Assistance


California RN licensing offers its own unique challenges for Canadian RNs.  We can help you through this convoluted process.

Immigration Services


We  assist Canadian citizens in obtaining work authorization for the  U.S.A..  Once you have commenced your employment you may be eligible to  apply for a Green Card.  Our immigration attorney can assist you with  this.  (Legal fees apply for Green Cards)

RN Career & Education Coaching


Our RN Career & Education Coaching services  are provided by our president and founder, Amanda Wilkinson, an  industry expert, who has been in nursing  for over 20 yrs and worked as  an RN in both the USA and Canada.  With her inside expertise, Amanda can  advise you and lead you through this self development process.

CGFNS Assistance


Different  States require different CGFNS services to be completed and all  Canadian citizens require certain CGFNS services in order to obtain work  authorization for the U.S.A..  We help guide you through all of this  paperwork and consult with CGFNS representatives on your behalf.

TN Work Authorization


Canadian citizens qualify for a special type of work authorization to work in the USA.  Each  of our recruiters are TN specialists.  Your own personal recruiter will  assist you through the entire process of obtaining TN Status.