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Thank you for your interest in Canadian Travel Nurses

        At Canadian Travel Nurses,  we specialize in helping nurses find work in the United States, Canada  and abroad, at hospitals in communities that are best suited to their  needs and interests.  It is our pleasure to provide RNs with free job placement services to help them take all of the steps necessary to make this exciting life changing career move.

       Many of our recruiters are Canadian RN’s who have lived and worked in both Canada and the U.S.A.  As  a result they can speak in an informed manner about each.  We have  already completed the processes that you are about to confront, as you  prepare for your new job and relocation. We know those processes inside  out.  We have lived in and visited many areas of the U.S. and can  provide you with our personal  opinions and experiences of each, as Canadians to Canadians.   If we don’t have specific experience for a particular location, we will  research it and give you the most accurate and unbiased information we  can.



Free Service for Job Seekers!

        We have made it our business to help you  navigate through the maze of tasks and information that at times can  seem overwhelming.  We begin by assisting you with the preparation of  your resume and creating a competitive professional profile that enables  us to arrange interviews with premiere facilities.  We guide you  through the NCLEX Registration, help you to complete Applications for Licensure with U.S. Boards of Nursing, and walk you through the Application for the VisaScreen Certificate.  Our ongoing follow up with CGFNS  and the Boards of Nursing helps to ensure that your Applications are  processed as swiftly as possible. Along with ensuring your professional  and legal documents are in order, we assist you with the relocation  process, whether it be assisting with travel arrangements or helping  locate appropriate housing, you tell us what you need and we will do our  best to help you.  Again, all of this is a free service to job seekers!



Where to Begin?

        There are so many jobs to choose from in so many different areas of the United States, some of you may find it hard to know where to begin! At Canadian Travel Nurses  we have done the research and we have established relationships with  respected facilities with whom we feel confident you will receive  excellent training,  competitive salaries, and quality work conditions.  We make it a top priority to connect you with the hospital and community  that will be the right fit for you, and that will provide you with the  experiences you are hoping for. It is important to us to provide you  with unbiased information about hospitals and relocation to the communities in which you are interested. 

        As you can imagine, there may be temporary set backs and bumps along the way.  We are here to help you through these. We sincerely believe that our experience, as Canadians, can provide you with the insight you otherwise may not have.   Whether you are a seasoned RN looking for a change, or a New Graduate  just beginning your career, this is an important time for you, and we  want to facilitate the process so that you will find it an exciting and  positive experience from start to finish.

       Begin by calling or emailing us.  We look forward to discussing our jobs with  you in more detail, and helping you to take the steps you need to reach  your destination!

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